The Plains Conservation Center empowers people to find their roots in the Grasslands. We are all connected to Grasslands in someway.

Our West Bijou campus is an accredited demonstration site of the Savory Network Hub and promotes global restoration of grassland ecosystem through Holistic Management. This campus is available by appointment only.

Our Aurora campus offers six miles of hiking trails where diverse wildlife can be observed including: Raptors, pronghorn antelope, insects, snakes and prairie dogs. Please note, our tipi and sod homestead classrooms are now closed to the general public and only available for visitation as part of our education programs managed by the Denver Botanic Gardens.

 To book an education program for students or adults at our Aurora site please call the Denver Botanic Gardens at 720-865-3580.

PCC campus hiking hours are variable throughout the year and we ask that you call prior to your visit. For more information please call us 303-693-3621 or send us an email at info@plainscenter.org.